Holden versus Ford, Ford versus Holden, Red versus Blue,
Blue versus Red, even the order in which you say these two
precious words marks you for life as to which side of the
white line you drive on.
Going straight to the heart of what it means to be
Australian, this book is a must-have addition to any Ford or
Holden loverís bookshelf. Loyalty, faith, competition, love
Ė is expressed through two brands of motor car.
Sales to date 26,000 copies
With over 200 photos and great design! Holden v Ford is a full-throttle car book and the perfect
Fatherís Day and Christmas gift book.
Author has a high profile in the media
Comprehensive history of Ford and Holden research and development in Australia.
Extensive lists of all the Ford and Holden models released since the beginning of the twentieth century.
A compendium of facts and trivia of all things Holden and Ford