Acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light-alloy wheel rims

Colour change indicates that product is working


Easy-to-clean finish

Reduced adhesion of brake dust by the formation of a protective film on the wheel rim.


Acid-free, powerful additive concentration

  • Protects rim surface and wheel bolts
  • Even removes flash rust particles
  • Simple and sparing to use


Aerosol can with pure air as propellant

  • 360° application: Sprays in all positions
  • Perfect spray finish


No flammable or harmful propellant gases


Product is not mixed with propellant

  • Almost complete emptying
  • Optimum protection of product



  • Does not make any explosive vapour/air mixtures
  • When applied correctly, does not impair/damage coalescence separators
Application areaThe acid-free combination of active agents removes even the most stubborn dirt, such as firmly adhering brake abrasion, road dirt, oil and rubber residues and surface rust particles from all steel and light-alloy rims.

InstructionsSpray the wheel rims completely and evenly from a short distance (approx. 20 cm). Allow to soak in for 3–5 minutes depending on the degree of soiling. The active agent turns from red to violet while taking effect. Then thoroughly rinse off with a strong water jet or a high-pressure cleaner. Particularly with stubborn dirt, rough surfaces or in corners, the cleaning effect can be increased by using the Würth hand and wheel rim brush.